LabX: 1 Kit, 6 Experiments

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LabX: 1 Kit, 6 Experiments

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It starts with a box and ends with a world of discovery. Presenting LabX, a comprehensive S.T.E.M. lab kit that supports a myriad of experiments, bringing the laboratory into your home, and the fun into learning!

Carefully-designed experiments that are relevant to the real world and S.T.E.M. disciplines make learning meaningful for students. These experiments relate to concepts learnt in school, building on existing knowledge while extending learning beyond textbooks.

LabX includes all equipment needed to do experiments such as:

  1. DNA Extraction

  2. Edible Water Bottles

  3. Agriculture in Outer Space

  4. Oil Spill & Marine Life

  5. Paper Science & Micro-fluidics

  6. DIY Biofuel

The package includes:

LabX box: All scientific equipment needed to do experiments

Electronic Manuals: Instruction manuals for 6 interesting experiments listed above