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First portable biotech lab for students




                   Future of STEM Education

STEM Education is dominated by Robotics and Coding. Raspberry Pi and Arduino are for the Robotic and Coding but no solution in biotechnology education.

42Lab is the key solution for biotech education. 

We provide affordable, compact, easy to use experiment kits to teach biotechnology in classrooms.

42Lab is a notebook size laboratory which has performance equivalent to traditional biotech equipments like centrifuge, microfluidics and Transilluminator. Moreover, with the modules design, the user can combine different biotech and even chemistry equipments in a box. Our companion app also allows students to follow an electronic manual and serves as a classroom management tool for teachers.

Biotech is next digital. Let's prepare our next generation for it.



1. Contact us to schedule a FREE trial for your classroom

We tell you more about what we do, and what experiments you can try in your classroom. Our comprehensive system allows any teacher to run a biotech experiment regardless of their scientific background.


2. We will work with you to tailor experiments according to your preference and syllabus

We have a list of experiments and modify the content according to your curriculum and time constraint. We understand the packed schedule of a teacher; therefore, we have designed our experiments such that most of them can be done in one class session or parallel to your theoretical learning session. 


3. enjoy biotech experience with your class with minimal work

With our kits and online manual, students can carry out biotech experiments without much of teacher attention. Our software also allows a management tool for you to easily assess the students and keep track of their progress.



It was mind blowing fun!
— Sarah from Nexus International School (10 years old)
I learned a lot. Could we do more of these experiments?
— Yuto from Canadian International School (11 years old)


It was a fantastic educational and fun experience for students. The manuals were well prepared and planned.
— - Mr. Ching from a primary school in Hong Kong


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Dr. Data Ng

Dr. Yasaman Nematbakhsh

CTO & Co-Founder

CEO & Co-Founder



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